H2F are hot in Bremen aka H2F bremmen


Both because of the temperature and because the good level expressed during the weekend, the word that best describes the first DM weekend of H2F is hot.

Leveraging on the short distance from Hamburg and the games schedule, most of the team decides to travel early on Saturday so as to get a good sleep in their homes.
Just the time to setup the tents, plant the hardfisch flag and put on some music: it is time for the first warm-up. The goal of the weekend is clear: show our opponents we aren in the second league to stay.

The first game is against Goldfingers. H2F start strong with a partial of 2:0 but the Potsdamers quickly show why they are among the favourite teams for the promotion to the first  league. The game goes on with a substantial number of drops on the H2F side. The heat as well as an annoying wind are there through all the game and will stay for the whole  weekend: the team will have to get used to it. Final result: a well deserved victory 14:9 for Goldfingers. In the second game, H2F play against another favourite for the promotion and  really eager to come back immediately to the first league after relegation last year: Deine Mudder, which are also hosts of the weekend with a tiptop organization. Bremen leads for the most part of the game and shows some very good offensive and defensive plays. Nonetheless, H2F manage to stay close enough also thanks to their zone defence. Later in the game H2F get to +2. There's hope for the first win of the weekend but Deine Mudder does not give up and manages to win 14:12 at the end.

H2F get to the second break with a bitter taste in their mouth but also aware of a good game against one of the strongest teams in the second Liga Nord. However, no more excuses. The boys are now used to the heat and the wind. Some mechanisms among players have been fine tuned and it is time to show what we are made of, against Tekielas. Hardfisch starts with some silly drops but soon find their way towards a consistent game and bring home the first victory with the score 6:15.

After a questionable pizza and pasta in an Italian restaurant closeby and some regenerative food and drinks (aka ice cream and beer), it is time to sleep. Tomorrow's games are gonna  say if we want to stay in the battleground of the playouts or of we want to join the party of the top 4. The first game is against Cologne and H2F demonstrate they have been able to fine-tune their way of playing. Passes are more precise, defense is more aggressive. The game finishes 8:15 for Hardfisch. The last game is very important to decide where we  wanna stand. With two victories and two more players joining the team for the last game (Chris and Alain) H2F are ready for the fight and know that they cannot give up against the team that prevented them to be promoted two years before. The game is very intense and physical but at the same time very much enjoyed by both teams. The fight Is quite even but on the last points H2F manage the final rush and bring the game home 15:12.

It has been a satisfactory weekend and guys are looking forward to the final weekend in which, with at least one win in the next 2 games they should lock their spot in the second league and hopefully try to put some pressure to the teams fighting for the promotion to the first league. 

For Hardfisch played: Alex, Enrico, Bockes, Basti and Tim (get well soon you two), Torsten, Luka, Michi, Philipp, Jannis, Robert, Jan, Chris, Alain, Melo, Hutch, Sebastian,Johannes.
Special mention to our non-player captain Timo, which has been always there for the whole weekend supporting and helping us from the sideline.

See you in Köln in few weeks.

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