Learn to Fly by... Seagulls (sorry Foo Fighters)



It’s Saturday morning, and our team is getting ready for the season. It has been a long time since the Seagulls had a whole training day. Most of the girls would say “Wie geil ist das?!” Yes it is awesome! We arrived around 9:30 am, including our lovely stuffed mascot Juan aka “Hugo” who won’t be able to play due to a broken leg and too much love (picture below).

The day was divided into two sessions. First we had to work on our defense (yeah! powerful), the second task was more tactic-focused (OMG! learning time!). The first round we started with warm up, running and of course the agility ladder. We worked in groups of three and continued with an inside/outside defense exercise. As we reached the time for lunch we played black against white to practice the skills. Unfortunately it was not the best outcome for the dark team, but we definitely realized our weaknesses.  

Lunch was quite entertaining. Bananas and salad were the main menu, surrounded by indoor soccer players. To keep rolling, we headed to our changing rooms to talk about tactics.

Tactics are sometimes hard to understand, however our captain coach  Nici was well prepared. She explained split stack and how our “flow” on the field should look. Endurance was tested on the second part of the day, as we practiced our cuts as a group. The day came to an end with another game planned to practice what we had learned throughout the day.The teams were different but it was just as challenging. Nobody said that learn to fly is easy, but it is definitely worth it after a long but efficient training day. Next stop Delft!

Ps: Thanks to Malte we practiced on a nice field.  And thanks Hamburg, since the weather was not perfect but good!  


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