HUT Halle

Hello Fischbees
First I’ll apologise for all for you who are not strong English speakers. But however weak your English is my German in weaker, so unfortunately you get a report in English. Halle was my first experience of mixed Frisbee in Germany, and I’m happy to report that it was great weekend.. The team we took was lots of fun to play with and I think the overall feeling at the end of the tourney was one of enjoyment, twinged with a sense of what might have been. But I’m getting ahead of myself.
Saturday morning was fine and sunny, and after breakfast and a good warm up the first game was against the German mixed national team 2 (the national team had split into 2 squads as a training weekend and to ensure they all got plenty of game time). The final score was around 4-9 but that doesn’t really indicate that it was a close game, where our early tournament unfamiliarity, with easy drops and poor cuts probably cost us a much closer result.
There is not too much to report about the next three games, other than to say that there was a wide range of abilities exhibited by the teams at HUT, ranging from the stars of the national teams through to some very new players (and teams). We played Ring of Fire (with their chocolate and chill donuts, which Britta didn’t enjoy at all), Hallörchen and Hallunken all in very one sided games, which the score lines indicated, 13-0, 13-1 and 13-2. These results came despite at times having the walking wounded on the sidelines, with multiple sprains and strains sidelining players throughout the day (the massage table got plenty of work from our team).
Saturday night was punctuated with the opening rounds of the Euro 2008 Football games, so steak, beer and football pretty much made up most of the evening (and the odd shot of tequila also made an appearance)
Sunday morning was the cross over/quarter finals, and we’d ended up facing Yellow fever from Prague (a team I personally I haven’t had a lot of luck against, having lost twice narrowly to them at pananello this year.. so need less to say I was despite for a win.) which was duly produced with a very good team effort. A very strong warm up (and an equally poor warm up from yellow fever) meant that we went out and hit the ground running, and we opened up a 3 point lead very early on.. Great defensive efforts all round never really let yellow fever back into the game until it was well in hand.. final score was something like11-7.. and lead to a rematch with mixed national 2, who had beaten us on day one.
In a much improved effort we traded points with the national team through to time cap, leading to golden point at 8 all. Unfortunately despite some excellent defensive work we weren’t able to move the disc up field after creating not one but two turnovers and eventually the National team closed out the game 8-9.
The 3rd and 4th play off was against Himmelstürmer, I think the efforts of the semi lose made it difficult for people to pick themselves up for this game and we lost by one.
In the end the winner of the event was the weather, with a thunder and lightning storm rolling across the fields during the final (lightning actually hit a tree near by and the final was called off for safety reasons). The 10min storm soaking everyone and every thing, fortunately we managed to stuff almost all our gear into Karsten’s car just before the worst of the rain hit, mean that our gear was only slightly damp, the same couldn’t be said for us however, as we were mostly soaked through.
Was a great weekend and a very good performance.. roll on Mixed Nationals.  

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